Our game-changing
high temperature heat pump

Cost-effective process steam

Our flagship Greensteam heat pump series will have TurboClaw technology at its core and is designed to integrate easily into existing factory infrastructure to deliver high temperature process steam wherever required.

We are currently developing our beachhead Greensteam 360 industrial heat pump. It is a 300kWt unit which can deliver a 60°C temperature lift up to 150°C with its two-stage TurboClaw design. This delivers useful process steam to the customer and can cost-effectively cut energy use by up to 90 percent – radically reducing both energy bills and CO2

Its modular design means multiple units can be combined to deliver up to 1.5MWt.

We are now seeking industrial partners to accelerate the adoption and commercial scale up of our ground-breaking technology, commencing with the rollout of a number of pilot Greensteam heat pumps in 2024. 

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Steam generating

Modular design up to 1.5MWt

Easy to retrofit

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Cut energy use by up to 90%