Electrifying industry's heat for a zero-carbon future

High temperature heat pumps are an essential breakthrough technology if industry is to decarbonise.

At Futraheat we are pioneering the first truly sustainable high temperature heat pump technology, offering industry a pathway to net-zero carbon that pays for itself.

Achieving net zero by 2050 will require a significant change to how we manufacture the products on which we depend.

Heat is a major element of many industrial processes, from pharma to food, and accounts for around 70% of all industrial energy demand. At present vast amounts of this heat is used once, and then wasted. Quite literally, it goes up the chimney or down the drain.

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Futraheat: Game-changing industrial heat pumps enabled by TurboClaw®

The challenge

There is an urgent need for industry to drastically reduce its carbon emissions, most of which result directly from on-site heat generation.

A cost effective and practical transition to decarbonising heat-use is needed now and high temperature heat pumps are recognised as the essential breakthrough enabling technology.

They offer a zero-carbon alternative to burning fossil fuels, when powered by renewable electricity, but haven’t been able to compete on cost……..until now.

Futraheat's answer

TurboClaw® is our unique answer to the compressor which lies at the heart of all heat pumps.

A turbo-compressor simplified; it operates at greatly reduced speeds and is oil-free, yielding lower manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs and enabling truly sustainable heat recovery.

The benefits

  • 80% energy reduction
  • 25% typical fuel bill reduction
  • Payback in two to three years
  • CO2-free heat when powered by renewable electricity

Futraheat’s ethos is straightforward: Develop the most cost-effective heat recovery technology – Work with like-minded partners for global reach – Accelerate the clean industrial revolution.

temperature gauge

We’re targeting beachhead Futraheat products in the 500kW to 1MW range. These will recover waste heat from as low as 70°C, deliver high grade heat up to 150°C and operate with modern low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.

We are currently developing a 300kW demonstrator for on-site trials.

Coupled with our TurboClaw® steam compressors, Futraheat products will deliver industry’s higher temperature needs – up to 200°C and more.

This means we can address an unrivalled range of industrial applications, from to drying to frying.

industrial image with people in hard hats

We already work closely with leading UK energy consultant, Projective Ltd., for real-world and up-to-date industry insight.

Now we are ready to partner with other pioneers and change-makers to accelerate the clean industrial revolution – if this is you, please get in touch!

At Futraheat we plan to deliver a cost-effective route to waste heat recovery for industries of the future.

We’re hiring! Current vacancies are being managed by our recruitment partner Gerrell & Hard. Please visit here to apply or email futraheat@gerrellandhard.co.uk for further details.

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